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Welcome to Conquer Credit Management, Inc. (CCMI). Since the company was founded in 1991, our goal has remained the same:   enabling and educating consumers about the importance of their credit. CCMI’s solutions address a growing number of threats to consumers’ financial security and personal privacy while protecting our company’s brand and reputation. During the past twenty five years, our core values have been to empower consumers to take charge of their future by managing their credit today. CCMI adopted these values early for three very important reasons:

Consumers can become better stewards over their credit and finances.

CCMI strives to help consumers become better stewards over their credit by showing them how to play the game to win in all of their financial choices. We believe we have an obligation to help the consumer recognize, respond, and resolve their financial challenges.

Good Credit is power and it is good business.

Consumers spend far too much in interest payments on a yearly basis and consequently reduce their retirement and savings by making choices out of a lack of knowledge. CCMI will show America how to use their credit as an investment tool to build wealth. We are committed to continue to develop the products and services that offer our clients exceptional value through creative and thoughtful solutions to their credit challenges and concerns.

It is important to lead by doing.

As leaders and advocates for our clients and our industry, we believe in “walking our talk.” As a company, CCMI is committed to sustainable development, both in the services we deliver to our clients and the way in which we provide them. As we continue to provide high quality service and sustain our reputation for  innovation, we know that ultimately, the key to our continued success is the satisfaction of our clients. CCMI’s commitment to providing our clients with exceptional service and solutions is what enables us to grow and make progress. Please contact us any time when you feel there is an opportunity for us to assist you with your credit and financial challenges.

Our Core Services

  • Conquer Core Value Systems and Beliefs

    Communication. We encourage open and frequent communication

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  • Why Us?

    We will be honest. The credit restoration industry is rife with cowboy operations.

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  • Reporting Error Correction for Consumer Credit Information

    More than 53% of all consumer credit reports contain errors.

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  • Credit Management & FICO Score Maximization

    The process of lending is no longer personal.

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