Valentine’s Day

The month of love is here! Cupid is out pointing arrows so watch out! But what does love have to do with credit anyways. Well…. I can tell you a story about how love and credit together brought one man’s dream to reality, and help you think  ahead to realize that if you fall in love with buying something, but don’t have the credit to get approved, it can be painful.   Planning ahead helps bring peace to any/all goals, dreams and just life in general.  Now let’s get down to that story about credit and dreams working together.

It was 1998, a rainy day outside, and really cold, just another day here at Conquer Credit Management.  You didn’t have to listen too hard to hear the rain hitting the window,  and the tapping of fingers typing away as the team was working really hard to meet all of our client goals for the day.  Phones rang in the background as I sipped my hot chocolate and waited for the receptionist to tell me who the lucky caller was. I was on the phone talking away to one of my valued referral partners,  and laughing it up about how it was Friday and we were going to do nothing but sit by a fire when we got home.  I heard the door creek open and shut.  We had one of those offices with big cherry wood doors that closed with a loud boom every time someone came in that did not know that the heavy door did not close gently.  It makes you sit up in your chair as you know it’s a guest.  I was finishing my conversation while eavesdropping and noticing that the typing had stopped.  My assistant was speaking to someone that wanted to see me. I quickly dusted the crumbs off my desk from the gorgeous croissant I had from Tasty’s Bakery, and cleared the sea of files that I had been working on so that me and the client could actually see each other while talking.   As he turned the corner I saw a man with stark white hair at a height of about 6’8 and extremely handsome, but you could tell he had a lot on his mind from the look on his face.  You would be surprised the things people tell me. I am better than a therapist some say because I am free to hear problems!!! LOL   I could not help but notice he had a big white roll of paper in his hands that looked like a poster. As he sat down and introduced himself he began to roll out the big poster that turned out to be an architectural plan.  This plan was absolutely amazing.  He shared his dream of opening a facility for animals that were abused and ready to be euthanized, as well as his desire to help foster children heal from being taken from one home to the next.  In 1994 his wife and children were coming home from school and were run down by a tractor trailer that was not paying attention,  made a lane change, turned over and ended their lives instantly.  This beautiful man shared how that shattered his life,  how he lost everything because he felt that there was no reason to live anymore. No one could get inside his head, until one day a lost and abused puppy running down the street caught his eye and ran him down and started kissing him uncontrollably.  Long and short of it, Mr. Kutch took that dog in, fed him and cared for him.  He said that he truly felt that the spirit of the dog was his son incarnate.  He shared that his son would always play and wrestle with him when he had a long and hard day at work.  The playful nature would help him take his mind off of the stress, and focus on the calm fun.  He enjoyed being one with his son and letting the world just fall off his sholders. He claimed the dog changed his life and helped him feel love again, something that did not talk back but just loved him, kissed him and cuddled him day after day. His dream was to share this experience with others that had endured loss such as the foster children and others that had actually lost loved ones.  I can tell you that to this day Mr. Kutch and his Heart for the Human foundation live on to this day. Now you may be saying Angela! How did credit become a part of this story!  Well my friends without the assistance of the team at CCMI, Mr. Kutch would not have been able to finance his 10 acre ranch.  Once I heard that story after throwing away the box of tissue, we came up with a plan to pay off all of his old debt and creditors, and in 6 short months, his Fico score was healthy enough to apply and get approved to start making his dream a full blown reality. And that my friends is how love and credit met on that rainy day in 1998. My favorite book says “Love is patient, love is kind and that perfect love casts out fear.”  I truly believe that.

My wish is that you have a beautiful month and remember love always wins no matter what.

The Credit Queen! 🙂