Happy New Year!!!

Can you believe 2015 has arrived?  Wow! Remember the year 2000, when we were all afraid the computers were going to crash across the country?  It never happened thank goodness, and neither will the big recession they keep talking about as long as Americans continue to strengthen the US Economy.  A big applause to the  small businesses, entrepreneurs and go getters in the US,  our economy continues to be on the rise thanks to you!  With that in mind, the lending/real estate market is keeping up, not with the Kardashians or anything but enough!  So now has never been a better time to start working on any negative credit issues you or your client might be faced with.  As mentioned in previous articles, monitoring your credit can help to stay ahead of these costly, Fico stealing enemies.  So cheers to you and yours.  May your new year be filled with love, happiness and most of all lots of money to fund those amazing, and much attainable dreams!

Yours Truly,

The Credit Queen