Reporting Error Correction for Consumer Credit Information

More than 53% of all consumer credit reports contain errors that damage credit worthiness. The staggering economic impact of this was recognized when Congress passed The Fair Credit Reporting Act. This act is meant to protect your good name from erroneous negative reporting, extensive delays in researching and responding to your challenges and inquiries, unreasonably old information remaining in your credit history, and a host of other important limits to abusive credit reporting practices.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act obviously exists for good reason, but even after all these years, it is violated daily. Without expert knowledge of the rules, it can be nearly impossible to correct these errors, resulting in time-consuming failures. We know it can be frustrating to be given the run around when your good name is at stake. Conquer Credit is fully equipped to coach and assist you in presenting your best financial face as quickly and efficiently as possible. We’ve helped thousands of clients address the negative credit impacts they’ve experienced from divorce, medical emergencies, business reversals and other life challenges. Don’t entrust your credit issues to an Internet pop-up ad; let us help you accurately represent yourself as the good investment that you are.

Identity theft mitigation & remediation

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. There are many companies today that will monitor your credit for signs of identity theft. But, if you’ve already been the victim of identity theft, you know that even though the authorities may be able to catch the thief, the damage is already permanently reported on your personal credit. Your co-victims (your creditors), may require considerable support and proof in order to fully clear your good name. This process is no easy task. Your creditors are not equipped to help you through your ordeal, and neither are the government agencies that are tasked with catching the thieves—it’s all up to you. At Conquer Credit, we take the time necessary to make this process as quick and as easy on you as possible, helping you and your creditors get back to normal fast.