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“We take care of our clients like they are part of our family.”

Our Mission

As a close-knit management firm, we treat every one of the projects we work on with the same passion as if it were our own financial stability at stake.

We prioritize getting to know the mission, heart, and soul behind each and every client so we can create a plan to most effectively serve your unique financial goals.

Credit is more than a practice. It’s our passion.


Angela Setters Bessard

Angela is the CEO and Founder of Conquer Credit Management, Inc., a nationally recognized speaker, podcast host, media personality, respected credit thought-leader, passionate wife and boy momma, and The Real Credit Queen who is equal parts strategic, spiritual, silly, and soulful.

After humble beginnings (including dropping out of high school, emancipating at age 16, and building from scratch), she has used her 30+ years of experience as a pioneer in the credit industry AND her genuine passion for people, she lights up helping individuals and organizations understand, leverage, and own their credit as a tool to create wealth, financial stability, and legacy.

She has had the opportunity to work with a diverse array of clients ranging from hardworking people, to Fortune 500 companies, powerful CEOs, universities, families, non-profit organizations, professional athletes, and even high-profile celebrities, artists, musicians, and other public figures.

Now she’s on a mission to demystify the anxiety-inducing myths that surround credit AND teach people of all walks of life how to expand their wealth, security, and joy through the power of credit.

Meet the Team

Samantha Headlee

Operations and Client Experience Manager

As the Operations Manager of our boutique company, I have always found reflecting on this quote, “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Some people may only see us simply as credit conquerors, but we are also a select set of individuals uniquely designed to truly care about your experience. I love the fact that we don’t want to just help restore credit history, but teach, encourage, and redefine our client's relationship with credit. 

When I started working for CCMI over 12+ years ago, credit was more of an idea to me. Mastering the ever-changing credit system has been challenging, engaging, and fun. I find myself lost in the mysteries of credit and determined to “crack the code” on behalf of our clients. Every day I learn a few new things, either about credit, finance, budgeting, or just simply life. Our boutique community gives back to us 10x the amount we’re able to give to it, and community is what I am passionate about.

Ralph Bessard

Chief Financial Officer and Founder

I am a passionate and driven individual with a burning desire to make a difference in people's lives. For 25 years, I have embarked on an incredible journey as an entrepreneur, business owner, COO, senior pastor, and motivational speaker with one clear mission: to help individuals grow in knowledge and love, empowering them to discover their unique leadership style, purpose, and fulfillment.

Simultaneously, my role as a COO has allowed me to apply my leadership skills on a larger scale. I oversee the operations of an esteemed organization, ensuring efficiency and fostering a culture of growth and collaboration. My keen business acumen, coupled with my understanding of human dynamics, enables me to lead teams towards excellence and inspire them to achieve their full potential.

Carol Biddle

VP of Technology /
Sales Experience Operations

Not only am I the Tech Geek of the crew I am equally excited to be associated with a company that is known for its integrity and expertise in its field.  Over the years, not only has our team developed as a strong family unit, but we have since “adopted” many of our clients as an extended family as well.  

We measure success at CCMI by sincerely being there for our clients, as we would for our own family, in their hour of need! 

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